Why do I get the error message 537 during update?
Posted by Samuel Turi on 28 April 2011 01:07 PM

Why do I get the error message 537 during update?

Based on the customer support feedback, this article provides solutions to the most common causes of error during AntiVir updates.

Start Avira AntiVir Control Center and click Start update. A window with an error message may appear.

Click Report to open the update report of the error message. You can see the error message at the end of the report, above the summary. If there is a problem regarding the Internet connection of the AntiVir Update program, you will see the following or a similar error message:

16:15:24 [UPD] [ERROR] Generation of update structure failed. UpdateLib delivers error 537.

  1. Probably the Windows system settings could not be detected
    1. Start AntiVir Control Center
    2. Go to Extras - Configuration
    3. Activate the Expert mode
    4. Click General - Proxy settings
    5. Click the option No proxy server if you do not use a proxy
    6. Click OK to apply the configuration
  2. A security software with firewall is blocking the AntiVir update process update.exe

    Check if you have another security software with a firewall installed on your computer. Open the Windows Start menu, to see the list of the installed software.
    If you can identify the security software with the firewall, you can generally see and modify the list of allowed and blocked applications in the firewall's settings. Make sure that none of AntiVir's program files are blocked, including sched.exe and update.exe

  3. Check the Network settings in AntiVir Control Center
    1. Start AntiVir Control Center
    2. Go to Extras - Configuration
    3. Activate the Expert mode
    4. Click the + sign next to Update
    5. Click Web server
    6. Select the option Use existing connection (network), if the connection to the Internet is not automatic. Else, select the second option Use the following connection and select from the list the dial-up connection you use.
    7. Click OK to apply the settings.
  4. Do you use a proxy for the Internet access or a security software, which installed a local proxy?

    Usually, most of the Internet surfers do not need to configure a proxy, to connect their computers to the Internet. If the computer is in a company network or if a security software installed a local proxy on it, to filter Internet data, then you also have to make these settings in the Avira software, to run AntiVir updates.

    To check if there is a proxy set on your computer:

    1. Go to Start - (Settings) - Control Panel - Internet options
    2. Click the Connections tab
    3. Under Local Area Network (LAN) settings click the LAN settings button
    4. Check if the option Use a proxy server for your LAN... is active
    5. Write down the proxy address and port
    6. Close the configuration windows with OK

    Then open the configuration of AntiVir Control Center and similar to case A, insert the data you wrote down. Type the Address and Port of the proxy server for the option Use the following proxy server. Leave the other fields empty.

  5. AntiVir Update is not run with proper access rights

    This is a workaround, for placing a shortcut to AntiVir Update on the Desktop, which will then run with different access rights.

    1. Right-click anywhere on the Desktop
    2. Select New - Shortcut from the context menu
    3. Copy one of the following lines as location:
      • For Windows 2000/XP:
        "C:\Program Files\Avira\AntiVir Desktop\update.exe" /DM="0" /NOMESSAGEBOX /RECEIVETIMEOUT=120
      • For Windows Vista/7 (32-bit):
        "C:\Program Files\Avira\AntiVir Desktop\update.exe" /DM="0" /NOMESSAGEBOX /RECEIVETIMEOUT=120
      • For Windows Vista/7 (64-bit):
        "C:\Program Files (x86)\Avira\AntiVir Desktop\update.exe" /DM="0" /NOMESSAGEBOX /RECEIVETIMEOUT=120
    4. Click Next
    5. Give a name to the shortcut, for example AntiVir Update
    6. Click Finish

    Then click the new shortcut and check if AntiVir Update runs successfully. For the next automatic update, make sure the error 537 does not occur anymore.

  6. AntiVir Update continues to report error 537

    In case none of the above solutions helped fixing the error, manual update is recommended, as described in the following article:
    How to carry out manual update (IVDF Fusebundle)?

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