Upgrade Instructions for Firebox X Core/Peak e-Series from Fireware v10.2.x to Fireware XTM v11.x
Posted by Samuel Turi on 03 May 2011 10:49 AM

Upgrade Instructions for Firebox X Core/Peak e-Series from Fireware v10.2.x to Fireware XTM v11.x

Before you install the WSM and Fireware XTM v11.x software, read the release notes carefully. It's also a good idea to review the "What's New" presentation for a more detailed description of changes in Firebox functionality. You can find the "What's New" presentations as part of the documentation set at

  • Before you upgrade a new Firebox X Core or Peak e-Series to Fireware XTM v11.x, you must first run the v10.2.x Quick Setup Wizard. After the basic v10.2.x configuration has been saved to your Firebox, use the upgrade instructions below to upgrade to Fireware XTM v11.x.
  • If your Firebox X Core or Peak e-Series device uses a Fireware version older than v10.2, you must first upgrade your Firebox to Fireware v10.2.x before you can upgrade to Fireware XTM v11.x.
  1. We strongly advise you to back up your current Fireware v10.2.x or higher system configuration before you upgrade. From Policy Manager, select File > Backup to back up your existing Fireware configuration file and Fireware image.
  2. Close all other programs on your management computer.
  3. It is not necessary to uninstall previous versions of WSM unless you have installed WatchGuard v10.2.x or earlier server software on your computer. If you have installed server software, uninstall WSM using these instructions:From the Windows Start Menu, select Control Panel > Add/Remove Software to uninstall your previous version of WSM. When the WSM installer starts, select the option to Modify current installation by adding or removing components and click Next. Clear the Server Software check box and, if you use any WatchGuard servers, select No when asked if you want to delete server configuration files from these servers. Make sure that you restart your computer to complete the uninstall process.
  4. Launch WSM11_3_2s.exe and use the on-screen procedure to install the software. When you run the WSM v11.2 installation program, select the options to install WSM client software and the appropriate WSM server software. After the WSM11_3_2s.exe install program is complete, launch XTM_OS_Core_Peak_11_3_2.exe and use the on-screen procedure to install the Firebox XTM software image.
  5. Open WSM v11.3.2 and select File > Connect to Device. The Connect to Firebox dialog box appears. In the Name/IP address text box, type the IP address of your Firebox. Click OK.
  6. Launch Policy Manager. Click Yes when prompted to upgrade to v11.3.2.
  7. Click Yes to convert the configuration file to v11.3.2.
  8. From Policy Manager, select File > Upgrade.
  9. When the Save dialog box appears, click Save. Click Yes to save the file to your management computer.
    When the Upgrade dialog box appears, type your configuration passphrase and click OK.
  10. Click OK.
    The default path is C:\Program Files\Common Files\WatchGuard\resources\FirewareXTM\11.3.2\Core_Peak\
    FW110302BNNNNNN.wgu where "NNNNNN" is the release build number.
  11. Click OK.
  12. Click Yes to upgrade your Firebox now.
  13. Click Yes when asked to create a Firebox backup image.
  14. Type an encryption key to encrypt the backup file. Click OK.
    If you get an error, click OK or Cancel and continue with the procedure.
    When the backup and upgrade are finished, the Firebox reboots.

Downgrade your Firebox X Core/Peak e-Series from Fireware XTM v11.x to Fireware v10.2.x
To downgrade from Fireware XTM to Fireware, you must download a special downgrade file from the software downloads page. The file is called and downgrades your device to Fireware v10.2.8. Once your Firebox is downgraded to v10.2.8, you can then restore your Fireware configuration, or upgrade to v10.2.9 or higher and try the upgrade to Fireware XTM again.
Before you downgrade your Firebox X Core or Peak e-Series from Fireware XTM v11 to Fireware v10.2.8, you must browse to the WatchGuard Software Downloads page. Download and save the file and extract the contents to your WSM management computer. Then:

  1. Open WSM v11.x. Connect to your Firebox and launch Policy Manager.
  2. From Policy Manager, select File > Upgrade. When prompted, browse to and select the utm_core_peakdown2fw.sysa-dl file that you saved.

During the downgrade procedure, the Storage LED on the front of the Firebox will blink rapidly. When the downgrade procedure is complete, the Firebox will start v10.2.8 with the configuration file you had before the upgrade to v11.x. The version number appears as "10.2.8dwn" to indicate that it is a downgrade. We recommend that you restore your previous v10.2.x backup after you downgrade from v11.x, or install any released v10.2.x operating system before you perform another upgrade to v11.x.

Upgrade HA to FireCluster
WSM v11.x includes a HA upgrade wizard to help you upgrade the software on both your HA devices so you can enable FireCluster. With FireCluster, you can choose to configure your two devices in an active/passive cluster or an active/active cluster. Before you begin the upgrade process, we strongly recommend that you connect to the online help at and read the chapter about FireCluster. There are important differences in license requirements and network integration you must understand before you implement FireCluster. Note that the HA upgrade wizard helps you to update the OS on your HA devices. You must reconfigure the devices for FireCluster manually when the upgrade is complete.
If you are in routed mode and have HA enabled in your Fireware v10.2.x configuration file, WSM launches the HA Upgrade Wizard automatically when you select File > Upgrade from Policy Manager. The Wizard upgrades the OS on your first HA device, then puts it in a factory-default state until the second HA box is updated. The Wizard then prompts you to upgrade your second device.
As soon as the second device is upgraded, the FireCluster Setup Wizard will launch to help you enable and configure your FireCluster. When you complete the Setup Wizard, you must save your configuration to the active device. Then, you must reboot both devices in your FireCluster.
As with High Availability in Fireware v10.x, you cannot enable FireCluster if any external interface is configured to use DHCP or PPPoE.

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